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The Convention
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 Conventioneers !

So your headed your Convention, 
Deep into the Heart of Texas.
Of course you Remember The Alamo! but what exactly do we remember? Davy Crockett to be sure, Jim Bowie & of course Santa Anna. What were Americans doing in Mexico & what were women & children doing at the Battle. Ok, so you weren't paying attention in 7th grade History. Who was? 
The most Entertaining & Informative way to discover what happened at The Alamo, is through a StoryTeller. A Historyteller!
Now your Group may not have the time to visit the "Shrine of Texas Liberty". HistoryTellers can perform this Motivational Story, in a manner reflective of your Goals at your Convention, Hotel meeting room or wherever convenient. However, the Excitement of being here Personally, at the Battlefield, would be truly Inspiring. So this Exciting, Visual & Interactive experience is Passionate, Compelling & Participatory. Like You Want Your Convention To Be !
We are HistoryTellers, the StoryTellers of History! 
We are Affordable, Convenient & at Your Command!
The Convention

Three of Us attending a Microsoft Power Point seminar here in SA were shown the marvels of PP. The speaker demonstrated that without PP, one would not be able to transport an audience to another place or time. Afterwards we decided to escape to the Alamo. We didn't need PP, we were actually here. While marveling at the architecture, we heard that a history interpreter was to begin. His name was Monte and he quickly in a matter of moments began to dissuade everything our PP instructor said could not be done without his tool. Monte painted a masterpiece of the times with Drama, Wit, Sarcasm & mainly Insight into a time lived long ago, yet he showed it's relevance to today!. We will always "Remember The Alamo!"

Peggy Shaw, ​Washington DC April 2009