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A Variety of Tours!  


'The Battlefield Tour of the Alamo':
There's more to the Alamo than a building, 4 acres more!
    Separate Myth from Fact, Discover the Truth                    Discover the Alamo!
  One hour excursion: Tour + Story + Q&A

      "Chronological Tours of the Alamo":
    The Battle of the Alamo is not the only confrontation
      on these historic grounds! Unique Historical Tours:
  "Texas & The Alamo in the American Revolution"
"The Civil War Begins at The Alamo Feb 12,1861"
    "The Mexican-American War" is no Alamo!"

   'The 1718 Spanish Govenor's Palace':
Where Stephen F. Austin & his father met with officials of Spain to begin colonization of Americanos into Mexico
            One hour: Tour + Story + Q & A

           The Spanish Missions of 1700's
                  Mission Concepcion'1731'
   The city's most painted & beautiful Mission: 
             One-two hour: Tour + Story
                   Mission San Jose'1720'
 The model of Spain's Mission system of 1700's
  A major social center "Queen of the Missions"
          One hour excursion: Tour + Film

            The Downtown Walking Tour
  We will walk thru the 1700's Spanish Gov Palace & the San Fernando Cathedral & more

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